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What to Know Before Moving Internationally

International moving can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you are relocating to a new country. At AJ’s Moving and Storage, an interstate agent for Atlas Van Lines, we are your trusted partner to help you move internationally. We are committed to delivering your items intact and safe. Here is all you should know before moving internationally:

Create a Budget

Have some savings before relocating to a different country. You must plan how your possessions will get to the new destination. You may need to provide proof of savings when applying for a visa based on the country you’re planning to go to and your visa type. The daily cost of living can be higher abroad, and it may take longer than expected to get a job. 

International moving expenses include medical exams, visa and application fees, airplane flights, and shipping for your personal possessions. The budget also should include living abroad expenses, like rent for several months, healthcare and insurance, and living expenses for at least three months. Living expenses include local transport, internet access, entertainment, food, and student loan.

Our team has the experience to provide premier assistance to match your relocation needs. If you are searching for a reputable moving company to handle your international move, we can help you.

Begin the Packing Process Early

Moving can be challenging, depending on how long you will be out of the country. Packing all your possessions could take a long time if you have kids or work. 

You may be trying to find someone to store your items or donation centers.

Hire a moving and storage company to pack the rest of your belongings. They may be able to store any clothing items or souvenirs you would not wish to take. If you are moving between two countries for work, a company offering moving and storage services can help with the process.

Our movers are professional, reliable, and fast. We will pack everything well and take care of your household items during transportation.

Living Arrangements

Renting a house or apartment in a foreign country can be complicated. Plan for living arrangements before arriving. The moving company needs to know where they will deliver your items in advance to arrange for transportation. 

Some agencies provide virtual viewings, but signing a contract without checking out the apartment is unwise. Contact a few rental agencies and arrange for viewings. 

Buying a house or apartment will require a different process. Confirm the requirements for buying property in another country. Many countries don’t permit foreigners to take loans because they are on temporary visas.  

We will transport your possessions safely and make sure they arrive at your new home on the agreed date. Our team will review the inventory sheet after delivery to confirm that nothing is lost or damaged.

Hire the Best International Moving Company

AJ’s Moving and Storage is an international moving company that uses Atlas Technology to move people securely and easily. We have ProMover credentials with the American Moving and Storage Association, which offers third-party assistance. Our movers provide great customer service and uphold the utmost conduct of business. 

Contact us for fast and professional moving and storage services.

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