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What Is the Best Season To Move Internationally?

Starting a new life abroad is exciting as it allows you to explore new things. Regardless of your reason for relocating, you should know the best season for planning the international moving process.

 At AJ's Moving & Storage, we offer premium assistance for your relocation needs. After establishing your chosen relocation period, we can help minimize stress and fast-track your move. Here are some of the best seasons to relocate:

Summer or Winter Break

If you travel with children, plan your international moving schedule during school breaks. It allows your children to adjust to the new school and social life.

Planning a move during a school breaks guarantees your children don't miss out on schoolwork during the moving process in your previous or new country. We offer secure shipping services to help you relocate during winter or summer break.

Middle of the Month

Scheduling your move in the middle of the month gives you time to plan and pack ahead. This is due to leases expiring towards the end of the month in the US. You wouldn't have to renew your lease before your planned departure.

During the middle of the month, many people are either trying to renew their leases or get a new one. Our moving company is more flexible during the middle of the month due to lower levels of relocation. Relocating during this time allows us to ship your possessions in time.


If your possessions require a lot of heavy lifting, it is best to plan your move during the week. This helps you avoid the moving rush that happens during the weekends. The weekend rush reduces the availability of professional help from international moving companies.

You don't have to worry about the availability of getting a moving company to ship your belongings during the week. Our services are available every weekday to provide you with exclusive shipping.

Low Tourist Seasons

If your new country of residence is a major tourist destination, find the peak and off-peak tourist seasons. Planning your move to avoid peak seasons allows you to easily maneuver your belongings into the new country. Prices of services, shipping, food, and housing would be cheaper than relocating during peak periods.

When you hire our services, you won't have to deal with crowds before getting your belongings to your new residence. We offer a cost-effective way to travel during off-peak tourist seasons.

Off-Season for International Moving Companies

Traveling between November and January can be cost-effective in terms of baggage shipping. These months tend to be off-season periods for moving companies. You may save on shipping and transportation costs during this period.

This is due to people trying to avoid moving to a new country during the holidays. They may want to spend the holidays with their friends and family before embarking on a major transition. At AJ's Moving & Storage, we are available to provide you with seamless and affordable shipping during this period.

Partner With AJ's Moving & Storage Company

Relocating to another country is a transition that requires a good relocation season. Contact AJ's Moving & Storage to book our exclusive shipping to make your transition smooth and stress-free.

We are a team of experts with the right technology and equipment to facilitate your move. Reach out to us to get a quote today. 

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