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Local Move vs. International Move: What's the Difference?


Local or international moving is exciting, as you get to experience a new environment and create new memories. At AJ's Moving & Storage, we help make relocation easier and less stressful. We'll handle key aspects of your move, like planning and transportation, so that you can focus on yourself and your family. Here's an overview of local and international moves:

What Is a Local Move?

A local move refers to a relocation within the same state or city. This type of move is usually less complicated and less expensive compared to long-distance moves like an international move. At AJ's Moving & Storage, we'll handle your local move to enhance smooth and secure relocation. 

What Is an International Move?

An international move involves moving to another country. It requires coordination with multiple parties, such as shipping companies, customs brokers, and immigration agencies. At AJ's Moving & Storage, we have specialized knowledge of customs regulations, shipping methods, and documentation requirements. We'll help you navigate the intricacies of an international move to avoid mistakes that can derail your relocation.

Differences Between Local and International Moves 

Moving Company Requirements 

If you're moving locally, you can hire a mover without a USDOT number. An international mover should be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). Ask for proof of registration if you're moving internationally to avoid delays. Affiliation with the International Association of Movers (IAM) is also helpful, as it may signal a company's commitment to providing quality moving services. 

AJ's Moving & Storage is a trusted Atlas agent in the U.S. We have all the certifications necessary to handle all types of moves through Atlas International. Our company also has eight international licenses. These licenses show our commitment to adhering to international laws and regulations.


International moves require careful attention to customs regulations and documentation. This includes understanding import and export restrictions, taxes and duties, and any necessary permits or licenses. Proper documentation, such as passport, visa, customs declarations, and a detailed inventory of your belongings, is also necessary. Navigating these laws and documentation enhances compliance. This may prevent financial and legal consequences that'd delay your move.

Local moves are simpler and less regulated. They don't require a focus on customs and immigration regulations and documentation. The relocation occurs within the same geographic region, so there are no borders to cross. At AJ's Moving & Storage, we stay up-to-date on the latest moving regulatory information. We'll help you prepare your documentation and comply with the state's regulations for a successful move.


An international move will likely involve shipping your belongings by air or sea, whereas a local move requires only a short truck ride. This means international moves can take longer and require a more extensive budget than local moves. 

At AJ's Moving & Storage, we'll make sure your belongings are packaged securely and meet international shipping requirements. We'll also conduct a home survey to estimate your moving costs so you can budget accurately. 

Book AJ's Moving & Storage for Your Local and International Moving Needs 

AJ's Moving & Storage is a one-stop shop for all your moving needs. We provide accessible local, intrastate, interstate, and international moving services. Our team has over 50 years of trucking and moving experience, so your belongings are in safe hands. Contact us for a free moving quote. 

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